Girl Scout cookies are here! And there is a new flavor in town.  Raspberry Rally is a thin and crispy cookie infused with raspberry flavor (dipped in chocolaty coating). These cookies have a delicious taste that’s all their own. They’re sure to become a new treasured favorite.

People love Girl Scout cookies! Part of that is the taste since they are delicious and part of that is the nostalgia. They remind you of childhood, how you once were a Girl Scout, or you knew a Girl Scout, or you ate cookies.

Every time someone purchases Girl Scout cookies they are helping the girls to grow, learn and flourish through all of life’s wonderful adventures. This will also help them learn to business smarts and develop important life skills.

That’s why we ask you to buy the delicious cookies you crave all year from your local Girl Scout Cookie Professional—not from her parents. You will enjoy your favorite cookie even more knowing you helped her do all the amazing things she has planned for this year.

To find Girl Scout cookies near you just click this link:

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