Marlboro ATA Martial Arts will be hosting a PJ Parent night out!

Where:  455 County Road 520, Marlboro NJ 07746

When: Saturday 5/13 from 6-9pm!

Get ready for the best PJ Parent night out party in town!

-Playing Games

-Watching a Movie

-Doing Mother’s Day Crafts


And so much more!

A parent night out can be a great opportunity for both parents and children. Here are some reasons why it’s good to let your child go to a parent night out:

  1. Socialization: Attending a parent night out can give your child the opportunity to socialize with other children outside of school or regular activities. This can help them develop social skills, make new friends, and feel more confident in social situations.
  2. Independence: Parent night out allows children to develop independence by spending time away from their parents. This can help them build self-confidence, develop decision-making skills, and learn to adapt to new environments.
  3. Fun and Entertainment: Parent night out usually involves fun activities and entertainment that your child may not have the opportunity to experience on a regular basis. This can include games, movies, and other interactive activities that can be enjoyable and memorable for your child.
  4. Quality Time: Parent night out can also be a good opportunity for parents to spend quality time together or attend to other obligations while their child is safely supervised and having fun.
  5. Stress Reduction: Giving parents a break from their daily responsibilities and providing children with a fun and safe environment can help reduce stress for everyone involved.

The cost is $40.  If your child brings a friend,(must be a non student) the friend is FREE! (so, you can split the cost!)

So, if you need to have some alone time, drop off your kids to Marlboro ATA martial Arts for this Super fun event!

To sign up just click here: